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Male Infertility 

It is estimated that infertility affects 8 -12% of couples globally, with a malefactor being a primary or contributing cause in approximately 50% of couples.

Male infertility treatment involves:​

  • Sperm function tests

  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index Test

  • Genetic testing: Karyotyping & chromosomal abnormality in sperm

  • Acrosome Intact test

  • Zona Binding Assay

After careful investigations and evaluation with our expert panel of Doctors, an appropriate approach is suggested with a clear plan.

These include:

  • Hormone Evaluations: Follicular Stimulating Hormone [FSH]

  • Luteinizing Hormone [LH]

  • Testosterone & Prolactin

  • Semen Analysis ideally with 3 – 5 days abstinence.

Suvidha For Women has one of the best male infertility treatment and we give all types of treatments including female infertility treatment problems by our  Best infertility doctors in Hyderabad.

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