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Begin Your Pregnancy Journey With Pre-Conceptional Counselling


Pre-Conceptional Counseling

Begin Your Pregnancy Journey

Deciding to get pregnant can be a step that involves multiple aspects to consider.It is essential to evaluate and ascertain the risks involved, understand the complications that may arise, and build a suitable delivery plan. Our doctors will support you with Pre-conceptional counselling

A preconception check helps you prepare yourself physically and mentally for pregnancy, as well as parenthood. A detailed discussion with your Ob-Gyn before conception enables you to understand what to expect from pregnancy, weigh the challenges to conception and have a better understanding of what it means to become a parent.

For a wide range of reasons, several couples have difficulties in conceiving a child. Keeping fertility issues aside, things like ovulation irregularities, low sperm count, and problematic underlying medical conditions can all play a role in making conception challenging and stressful. But with the up-gradation and innovations in science and technology, there are now multiple ways, from medicines to intrauterine insemination which can help you conceive.

Preconception counselling helps couples conceive a child and aids the planning required for a family. Comprehensive counselling includes investigations, analysis, diagnostics, and discussions to give you a holistic picture of parenthood you wish to embark upon!

Any investigation undertaken during a preconception check would essentially involve:

Medical & surgical profile
Ob/Gyn history
Physical examination
Blood tests
Cardiovascular check
Semen analysis
Gynaecological examination

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