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G Shot

Procedures for women’s sexual health are increasing in demand, and so is the desire to learn more about the specifics of those procedures. Such procedures are designed to enhance women’s sexual experiences and may help women regain confidence both in and out of the bedroom

The G-Shot®, also known as “G-Spot Amplification(r) or GSA is a relatively quick, simple and a non-surgical clinical treatment that can temporarily augment the G-Spot in sexually active women and was invented by Dr. David Matlock in the United States of America.

The G-Shot® seeks to amplify the sexual gratification of women by augmenting the G- Spot with engineered hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a collagen-based filler that is commonly found in skincare products. The hyaluronan is delivered under local anaesthesia.

The proposition behind this procedure is that a more pronounced G-Spot would ultimately result in more profound sexual gratification. Post G-Shot, one can expect: 

  • Heightened sexual arousal

  • Greater sexual gratification

  • Easier to achieve orgasm/multiple orgasms

  • Easier to ejaculate

  • Enhanced overall sexual experience

The G-Shot® is a very safe and quick treatment procedure, typically taking about 15 minutes from start to finish.

The main risks of this procedure are bleeding and infection of which the chances are less than 1%.

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