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Customised Treatment & Medical Care for all Women with Gynec Problems

Every stage in a woman’s life comes with its own set of new developments, sometimes bewildering changes and loads of questions and concerns about the best way to manage her health. Every woman should be evaluated by a gynecological specialist regularly, beginning at puberty, when the reproductive organs mature. Our expert Gynecologists caters to women of every age group from teens to senior citizens. Our services include gynecology consultation, gynecology surgeries, customized women’s health checks. 

General Gynaecologic Care: Routine gynaecologic examinations and methods help give medical experts a clear picture of your overall health. Because every woman’s requirements are different, we provide various gynaecological services:

Adolescent Gynecology includes treatments like  treating Irregular Menstrual Cycles, heavy bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, poor weight gain, scanty vaginal bleeding. Reproductive age group treatments like Menorragia, Contraception & family planning, Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Irregular Periods, Pain During Menstrual Cycles, Pain During Intercourse, HPV Vaccines. Routine Preventative Care (Pap smear, Tumor Markers, pelvic ultrasound, mammography & bone densitometry), Stress Urinary Incontinence ( Urine Leakage Problem ), Hormone Replacement Therapy ( Based on Menopausal Symptoms ), Menopausal Management, Oncological Services, Osteoporosis Prevention, Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Surgical Procedures like Hysterectomy ( Open / Laparoscopic / Vaginal ), Endometrial Ablation, Insertion of Mirena, Cryocautery.


To know more about general gynaecology services, consult with Dr. HimaBindu Namala, the best gynaecologist in Hyderabad.

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