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Adolescent Gynaecology


Adoloscent Gynaecology

Our pediatric-adolescent gynecologists have advanced training to understand the unique issues that affect the development and anatomy of growing girls and young women.

The issues we treat include:

Anomalies of the reproductive organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or cervix
Congenital (present since birth) or acquired (developed after birth) genital anomalies
Cysts, masses, or lesions of the reproductive organs
Early or delayed puberty or sexual development
Menstrual problems caused by other health conditions
Painful periods and heavy bleeding
Pelvic pain
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV, human papillomavirus (HPV), pelvic inflammatory disease, and syphilis
Vaginal discharge
Vaginal trauma
Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), yeast infections, and other infections

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